We begin by removing all fixtures & fittings including windows to ensure all areas are treated and painted properly. 


We try to operate on a back-to-metal approach with all of our paint jobs.


Work starts by stripping all paint back to bare metal, before removing any rust by mechanical means. Any deeper pits can be chemically treated and filled with high quality steel filler before we apply the four primer coats. 



We usually apply a minimum of 9 coats of top quality paint.


This usually includes four coats of International Yacht Primer followed by three coats of International Pre-Kote, regardless of which manufacturer of top coat our customer chooses.


All the primer and undercoats are allowed to dry fully, before any machine sanding takes place. We then apply three coats of gloss and recommend Epifanes or International top coats.

We apply all our coats by hand, laying off with a brush to ensure a smooth surface which always requires minimal sanding.

Painting takes place in an insulated, heated and ventilated facility, and we keep a record of temperature and humidity levels throughout the process, being sure to paint to the manufacturers' data sheets.



We use high quality professional signwriters to add details and names to your boat. We plan ahead to make sure that the final details and work flow fit within our schedule and work.



This includes a full interior clean, and any refitting/resealing any fixtures and fittings, including windows, which were removed from the boat as part of the preparation phase.

We will often go the extra mile for our customers, polishing up brass fittings such as mushroom vents and plank holders.

Of course, the whole process isn't a quick one, and it often takes 6-8 weeks to complete a full repaint.

We take lots of photos throughout the process and make these readily available for customers.



Each job is unique and we will require inspection of the boat prior to any agreement. We then provide a full written estimate which is valid until the work is complete.